Will & kate

salty kisses on hawaii beaches

Coming to Oahu, Hawaii to photograph this couple was an absolute dream. Living on base in Hawaii, Will and Kate wanted to explore their love further and broadcast it through my lens. We decided for a sunrise shoot on Kahala Beach, just minutes away from Kualoa Ranch on Oahu. The sky became drenched with pastel colors as the sun was rising and their love beaming bright on the sandy beach. There was so much passion bursting from these two! Becoming a photographer in Hawaii has been a dream of mine since starting my business, and these two made it happen for me and I could not be more grateful for them. My favorite thing to do during a session is show the back of my camera to the client to let them get a little sneak peak and let me tell you, they were SO happy to see the progress we were making! We played in the water and got sand between our toes. Getting me as your Hawaii photographer, I promise you'll see your love in ways you didn't imagine.

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