Flowers die, memories fade. All you truly have left from your day are photos.

Finding a photographer takes a lot of time and research. You're trying to find a style you love, a person you can see yourself connecting with, a style that fits your aesthetic, and more, all within your budget. Let me just say, it's totally worth it. Most of my clients look at booking a session with me as an investment. You can't go back in time and fix mistakes, so hiring the perfect photographer is so important. The worst thing would be looking back at photos and wishing you spent more time looking for the right photographer for you; I don't want you regretting booking someone you truly couldn't connect with! Making connections with my clients is SO important. A lot goes into shooting, more than you think. You spend a lot of time talking with your photographer about locations, outfits, timelines, ideas, vendors, etc. We will become friends and I'm not mad about it lol. Let's talk about all your ideas, or if you don't know where to start, we can brainstorm some to make your day magical!!

photographing intentionally

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